“WAR WILL SOON BREAK OUT IN NIGERIA. MARK MY WORDS” –Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR) former President of Nigeria.

 The Fulani terrorists and their agenda in Nigeria. A must read for all!


–Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR) former President of Nigeria.

Another civil war in Nigeria has become imminent and inevitable. The reason for its inevitability is simply because Muhammadu Buhari, the Fulani oligarchs of northern Nigeria, and the broader network of Fulani in sub-Saharan Africa have concluded plans to adopt Nigeria as the homeland of all Fulani in Africa.

The Fulani have realized that the wandering and uprooted lifestyle of herding cattle is no longer sustainable in the 21st century. The Fulani need to have land to call home and raise livestock, and that land should be Nigeria. The indigenous peoples of Nigeria have clearly, vehemently and stridently opposed this diabolical plan and both sides are mobilizing for war.

The Fulani will not give in and the indigenous people will not give up their lands.

The Fulani project itself, which has so blatantly and sadly failed in the Central African Republic, will not be able to fail this time, as the Nigerian Fulani project is better funded by the massive [theft] of Nigerian sovereign wealth through national kidnapping. to ask for ransom. by the lower class Fulani and the takeover of government and wealth by the Fulani elite.

The kidnapping and seizure of government institutions is intended to implant the Fulani in the mainstream and control the politics and economy of Nigeria with the aim of financing the Fulani Project in Nigeria.

The Central African Republic (CAR) has gone through exactly the same experience that Nigeria is going through right now in the hands of the Fulani. The country has been hit by killings and homelessness caused by rival gangs in the fight to destroy the strangulation that the Fulani had on the politics and economy of their country. Although the Fulani hegemony over the Central African Republic has been defeated, the street gangs that defeated the armed forces have turned against each other and against themselves, unable to overcome the little gang war to rebuild their nation.

The Fulani have become a plague in Africa and it is the largest country in Nigeria. Unable to break with its centuries-old culture of cow herding and wandering, it continues to bring down all nations wherever it has any population. Some West African countries, Ghana and their ancestral home Guinea, have mastered the brutal tactics of dealing with the Fulani, and the Fulani have learned a bitter lesson by staying away from these countries.

In the Central African Republic, the Fulani, following the pattern of their ethnocentric politics, had seized the dominant heights of the country's military and financial institutions, the foreign exchange trade, the extraction and export of gold and, above all, the structures of government. . Mitchel Djotodia, a wacky military man, and his Fulani faction of his seized power in a brazen coup by a minority demographic. All non-Fulani military officers were expelled from the forces, all mineral deposits in the country were confiscated by Fulani merchants, non-Fulani merchants were unable to trade foreign exchange, and the entire upper echelon of civil service was occupied by Fulani until by 83%.

France, the former colonial masters of the Central African Republic watched them do all of this over the years and did not protest. As in Nigeria, the Fulani made up just 3% of the Central African Republic's population and were hiding in the recesses of the desert in the northwest of the nation. No world or regional power complained, even as ethnic groups in the rich forested regions of the south stirred.

In the Central African Republic, the Fulani went even beyond provocation, as they are now doing in Nigeria.

They began to seize ethnic lands, raid churches and kill worshipers, the most flagrant being the attack on Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in a town near Bangui, the capital, where dozens of Catholic worshipers were massacred during mass. The Fulani used their government-assigned livestock bases to launch attacks and shootings in surrounding communities to carry out robberies and kidnappings to pay ransoms, as is now happening in Nigeria.

Once again, as is happening in Nigeria today, the purpose of all the Fulani action was simple; Transfer all the wealth available in the CAR by each and every one of the means and put it in the hands and control of the Fulani.


The same play book used in Central African Republic is guiding the actions and policies of the Buhari Government in Nigeria.
1). The Fulani elite are raiding the Central Bank, buying dollars and other currencies at heavily discounted rates.
2). Other Fulani are raiding the NNPC, ploughing through the vaults and trading Nigerian crude for personal gain.
3). The educated wing are mowing down governing structures, taking forceful charge and control of all commanding heights of Government and the armed forces.
4). The uneducated Fulani herdsmen are engaged in kidnapping for ransom and now primed to take over ethnic lands, spreading themselves across the nation in settlements acquired with public funds to terrorise indigenous populations.


It will be of great use to retell the story of Central African Republic so as to have the understanding of how the youth of the country removed the yoke of unremitting oppression by the Fulani. The youth formed street gangs and committed to take on the army with all their vaunted training and intimidating and deadly weaponry. The youth had locally fabricated flint guns and machetes, while the army was menacing with their machine guns, grenade throwers and rocket launchers.

When the fight started on that fateful day in 2013 in Bangui, everyone expected a complete annihilation of youth on the streets but the youth took the fight straight to the Guard Brigade near the Presidential Palace.
By evening of the same day, soldiers bodies were seen littering the streets while some were cut to pieces. By night fall, the streets of Bangui had become the play ground and the killing field of the youth of Bangui. In 3 days of street fighting, the entire Presidential Guards of the army of the CAR was decimated, in disarray running to their ethnic base in the far north and President Djotodia, the Fulani tyrant had abdicated and run away from the Presidential Palace and Capital, Bangui.

Tyrants survive for only as long as the people live in fear and choose to tolerate them. The Buhari Government is counting on deploying the Nigerian armed forces against the many ethnicities where the RUGA will be sited, beginning with the minority groups.

Buhari’s plan is to deploy Nigerian troops to subdue Nigerian people for the benefit of Fulani. Central African Republic provides a veritable lesson on how to deal with the unrelenting Fulani menace. The Niger Delta and Boko Haram if anything, have shown that the Nigeria army is not invincible in a fight with local forces. If anything, the Nigeria Army will likely disintegrate if made to fight in many fronts at once.

It is a known truth that the Fulani will not relent in their quest for the conquest of Nigeria until they have seized all sources of income and made everyone else subservient to their rule and hegemony.
The Fulani in Nigeria, in nearly a century of political and economic ascendancy have acquired so much power and money that it will defeat the purpose of such acquisition if they don’t deploy it for the very purpose for the grasp for power, which is the conquest of Nigeria for the overlordship of the Fulani.

The final stage of the grand plan to subdue Nigeria for Fulani overlordship are afoot and Buhari and his people cannot back out now. So a war has to be fought to resolve matters.
Our people say that you don’t strip a woman naked just to start looking. Nigeria has been stripped naked and with the RUGA monstrosity on the works, the next thing is to start the deployment of troops to protect RUGA in their various locations of development.

It was bound to happen that the Fulani who have been taking so much out of Nigeria and have succeeded in binding Nigeria hand and foot politically and economically, will take the wrong step into the abyss one day. The logical culmination of all the rapaciousness would be the last ditch attempt at the ultimate land grab, to seize the lands belonging to indigenous communities and hand it over to Fulani.
Internecine war in different RUGA locations and different fronts is therefore inevitable. Communities will rage to keep their land or lose it to their eternal shame and regret. Communities, particularly in Igboland will rather choose to be annihilated than lose their land to a hostile and predatory People.

Fulani have no land in Nigeria because they are not indigenous to Nigeria. They are migrants into Nigeria.

The decision by the Fulani to seize land by force in Nigeria can only lead to war in the many places where this seizure will happen. The people must resist as of necessity. They have done so in the Central Africa Republic and reduced the country to rubble and they will do it again in Nigeria.

Buhari will be compelled to deploy police and soldiers to defend the settlements and war will be declared everywhere there is a RUGA settlement in Nigeria. Fulani have no land to hold dear and protect in Nigeria. In fact, Fulani have no stake or investment in the project called Nigeria and will not care if Nigeria burns, in fact Fulani will be very willing to let Nigeria burn if the people are not willing to submit to their overlordship.

So they are minded to adopt a scorched earth policy to obliterate Nigeria. They have nothing to lose. They did it in CAR and they will do same in Nigeria. It will be the responsibility of the indigenous people of Nigeria to find common grounds to protect the land of their ancestral inheritance and prevent the Fulani from putting a knife on their unity and their need to bind themselves together in one nation, but they cannot do this without first containing the Fulani. Fulani will try to divide them.

Buhari and the Fulani oligarchs are relying heavily on the deployment of the armed forces to quell the insurrections that will emerge from this massive land grab, but that will be the Achilles heel of their grand plan. Once the soldiers are armed to quell these insurrections, they will turn against their commanders to defend their communities. Therefore, Nigerians should look forward to the great collapse of their armed forces.

Do the Fulani have the firepower, the men, and the ability to fight? Throughout the history of the Nigerian armed forces, Hausa / Fulani officers and enlisted men have always been promoted beyond their qualifications and skills. The ability to fight and manage the different departments of modern warfare will be overwhelmingly tested in any subsequent encounter.

The Fulani never fight an enemy in a frontal war. They attack isolated and defenseless villages. In any direct confrontation, they flee. It was evident even in the Battle of Bangui. Well-armed Fulani soldiers could not confront street gangs with flintlock pistols and machetes. It has also been shown in the war against Boko Haram. The poor performance of the commanders of their ethnic stock is a joke in bad taste among the soldiers at the front lines.

The Hausa / Fulani soldier had to be selected and protected from slaughter by the Boko Haram forces. It is not about talking about the endless betrayals of your Christian colleagues and commanders on the front lines.

Buhari, an irredentist Fulani, will use in his favor and for the benefits of his agenda to divide, ethnic and religious divisions among the people of Nigeria. But people should know that the Fulani are no one's friends and that a Fulani friend today can become an adversary tomorrow. You are only friends with the Fulani as long as you continue to serve a purpose in their overall plan.

Let the conversation cease and the battle begin.

“WAR WILL SOON BREAK OUT IN NIGERIA. MARK MY WORDS” –Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR) former President of Nigeria. “WAR WILL SOON BREAK OUT IN NIGERIA. MARK MY WORDS” –Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR) former President of Nigeria. Reviewed by Chinasa Nworu on February 06, 2021 Rating: 5

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